Eating Omelettes with Chopsticks

Professors from our alma mater have arrived. They stay for a month to teach. Some are just a part of the cultural exchange program, so get to tour and pick lychee and travel the parks, all the While looking for frogs and biological supplements for their minds and their majors. They are the heads of the biology department, graduate students, wildlife management students and program designers looking to move to Korea after school. They are teachers who have been coming for fifteen years every summer and mountain bikers who race in Inner Mongolia. They feast their eyes on the culture and are squimish at the edible chicken feet. There was a picnic at the Park on the DragonBoat Festival and a Barbecue dinner, and patiently awaiting a hot pot meal. They got to see the old town and have a calligraphy lesson. It feels nice to be able to help where possible and catch up on everything we left behind. It also passes some of the time we have left here, breaking the monotony of the semester.

I want to go home soon, to celebrate Halloween through Christmas with my family an Start working and saving up money where possible, but seeing a bit of our old life is helping to truly appreciate where we are and where we came from.

So they are touring around and when we are with a big group of white Americans, it is the first time since we arrived that I feel like a tourist. Sitting on a Park bench with elderly Chinese women just staring. Normally they make cute faces at Scarlett but with the crows, we just got stares. I grew up in San Diego though. I am used to people asking me where I am from when only two blocks away from my house…

Some have mastered chopstick use and can even speak Chinese. Some still have trouble speaking in public.

Still, the days roll by an I take my daughter on walks to get fresh juices and read our books or spend an hour in the piano room practicING my scales or cracking an entire bag of sunflower seeds for her, helping her master chopsticks and the Chinese language. And so it goes.

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