My feet is my only carriage

Climate Change. It is happening. I was the proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler for the Last five Years. I loved that car and took it off roading and through the deserts of New Mexico, Arizona, California and Texas, treating me especially well in Terlingua and the Big Bend where I collected stickers to Cover it with. I sold it to a Dear friend before moving to China who I knew would love it just as much.

But I saw an oil spill in San Fransisco. And the effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf. I went without a car in Hawaii for a Year and rode a bike for another in San Diego when I returned. I even avoid busses when I can. But here, busses allow us to travel and go places we would not otherwise see. At least we all ride it together instead of wasting gas and materials for individual cars. So together I have Gone through three used cars and a brand new jeep in ten years of driving.

Public transportation in Southern California was amazing. Trolleys help avoid traffic, even if the lady next to you is literally insane. But I worked hard to get my own car to finish yoga school in Miramar’s Little India. It was where I wanted to be, and a half an hour drive was a two hour bus(ses) trip.

I bought the Jeep to get my father off the street and take him to his happily ever after. It was the perfect snake hunting car, he said. Ok, technically it was used. A 2009 bought in 2014. 60,000 miles on it. We drove it through the South West searching for herps and finding them, the hub of gila monsters and King snakes. Driving in the middle of the night in the middle of the desert, REALLY slow, getting stopped by border patrol and fish and game workers. They were “picassos on the road” he called them. So ya. I bought a car to Save my homeless father. California real estate was too expensive to get a roof over his head.

In Texas, we lived in a SUPER small town, where the snakes were. I went back to school and had a baby. He bought a car but crashed it in a diabetic coma. Another one was gifted to him but died in the desert and he hitchhiked home.

Alpine, Texas had no buses or trolleys. No taxis or shuttles. It was easy enough to walk home from the bar.

Tomorrow I want to take my daughter to an indoor playground to beat the heat in the air conditioning. I will take the 2 元 bus trip instead of walking 4 kilometers with my baby.

In China, bicycles are available on ali pay for 1 元 per km. The IT is incredible and with a phone and a scan code, the bike unlocks and allows the freedom to ride until you are done and then you can leave it anywhere. They have trackers and are solar powered. I have Never used one though because I don’t feel comfortable putting my baby in the tiny metal basket. Even for the half kilometer to market.

My feet are fine. We forget that is all we once had. The chance to slow down our pace and Notice the cracks in the cement, the lines in the dirt where ants have crawled. We forget the wind as it is when it is blowing in our faces. We forget trees as they loose their leaves. We forget how to sweat naturally when we are cramped in a bus smelling the person next to us, or how to breathe when exhast gets in the way. The heat is hard, but why does anyone DRIVE to the gym?!

The walk is how we stay fit as well. People Now a days would have trouble outrunning a jaguar. We are too busy wondering where our cars are when we land on the moon … 😝

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