The American Dream?

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Just do your best and you will probably make it…….

? Really.

The American Dream was first coined in 1931 in James Truslow Adams’ Epic of America in which he stated it as

That Dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.

So the American Dream was born. Without fancy cars and multiple vehicles, without personal property or materialism at all. It is in the Constitution, although at the time that didn’t include two thirds of the population. At least.

But nonetheless, the nuclear family grew in popularity and we forgot our elderly except on Holidays. We lost the village that raised us and were sustained by an overworked father and a bored housewife of a mother. No wonder the prohibition was in place. We would all have been drunks too.

Humans are communal creatures. We are not naturally monogomous nor anti-social. We need groups to survive with any degree of mental health.

And I have noticed that in this new generation, we avoid even the nuclear family. We have only ourselves and the family that we choose. Our friends.

We all have part-time jobs and multiple side hustles because we have to. Making jewelry or doing software design for fun. Our hobbies all have to make money or we are wasting time. Even music. Art. Writing.

This is my second blog. The first was on the same subject, but from the point of view of the elderly. It was while working with Alzheimer’s patients and just getting snipits of their lives that had fulfilled the American Dream.

But here I want to focus on global considerations. How the whole world is undergoing a Change of ideology and dreams. No one needs the white picket fence because it can all be lost so quickly. We realize that now.

The Great Recession terroized the Late 2000s by way of poverty and homelessness. So many of us, my family included, learned to re evaluate our priorities at an Age when it truly mattered. When my parents lost their jobs, divorced, lost the house my father grew up in and my mom and I found the best we could, (which was better by far than most) I still went to work too early and Never regretted Any of it. It was hard, but I barely had to see my mom cry until it really was my opportunity to Change it. I strive to this day to fulfill my wish of her happiness. Many millenials have this on our shoulders. It goes overlooked because for some reason people think we feel more entitled than the previous generation. My husband is eleven years older than I am and I guarantee he Never suffered in his Life besides a devastating health condition. The entitlement of the ninties was much worse, but people don’t see past their acknowledgement that they were not perfect after a century or more of pretending happiness and love. And before that, everyone was trained not even to think differently.

Minorities and race plays a massive factor in this too, despite the American Dream exclaiming that where you come from makes no difference. It always has. American blacks and Mexicans and Asians and Pacific Islanders and women of all ethnicities and those with disabilitiles automatically have a harder time achieving the American Dream. Things are getting better. Much better. But not perfect.

Consider politics. The Obama election and civil rights vs. trump. Unity vs. Bigotry. #NotMyPresident. And that might be all I say about that. That isn’t why we are here.

Globally, the world is striving for this idea. I am in Communist China with entirely shared property and yet still is the highest purchaser of Louis Vuitton. Democracy is not necessary for prosperity. And as much gratitude I acknowledge of it, with refusal to succumb to much else, countries like Argentina perpetuate the mob rule concept under Democracy. Socrates even called it that. Mob Rule.

Meritocracy I used to swear by, but like The American Dream, it Isn’t available to everyone dependent upon conditions of upbringing.

I include a link of “Tony” who moved from Italy and worked his way up from mowing lawns by force to buying a terrible home, fixing it up and selling it to buy a farm and bringing his family here. I have another post on Lido Iacocca. Interestingly Both Italians. They live the American Dream. Not all are so lucky though. Not all have the smarts for scholarships or the skills of handicraftmanship. Some move to America to live in slums. Some move with degrees in the University of Nigeria that aren’t even recognized and have to wash dishes for a living. Sometimes it is worth it to work three jobs and send money home, but sometimes it isn’t.

China offers IT beyond most places in the world. But it is monitored. 5G wars are going on here. Video games consume students lives. But there is no difference.


Here are a few links of some other people talking about the 21st century American Dream. It is a big subject I have been thinking about since before I graduated high school in 2011. It is in the air. Re-evaluate your considerations of the future.

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Tony’s story:


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