Foods from Scratch

Dumpling dough is just flour and hot water. Crepes are eggs and milk and flour. Bread is flour, water, yeast. Noodles are water and flour, Maybe Add some salt or replace the water with eggs. Fufu is special fufu flour and water. Tortillas, same concept.

These can all be altered and different spices added. Russian dumplings Add mashed potatoes to the dough. The main difference in cultures is what goes inside the dough, what fills the dumplings or bread, or what you mix into the pasta or noodles.

I think it is super important to know how to make things at home, if not for survival or the retention of human knowledge, than just for fun. As I already Did dumplings and don’t have an oven to do bread, I made noodles today. Wheat (gan mein) and egg (dan mein.)

I swear when I hav an oven again, I am making fresh baguettes every day!

Fufu in Nigeria, fresh tortillas, it is all relevant!

What about all this apocalypse scare? We gotta know how to do it, folks!

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