Cheery Blossoms

The beauty of cherry blossoms lies in their fragility. Their surrender to wind. I rea this somewhere.

I have a cousin who tattooed “Fragile Thing” on her arms.

To feel so broken is incredibly shattering, as humility is not really something of relevance.

To feel so broken and yet so strong proves that fragility is not a Virtue. Fragility is not humility. To feel so strong within broken dreams feels like the surrender of cherry blossom, knowing that dreams Change and get better with each new ambition. That the evolution of dreams is like the reformation of reality within ones own mind. That surrenderING to Fragility would be finding a home of the ground with everyone else.

But I dont feel Fragile. I feel broken and stronger for it.

And in the end, I won.

We return to America on Thursday. We can continue to travel and be even better prepared next time. I am not Fragile. I am not broken. We live with only strength inside of us. 力量。

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